Sunday, September 12, 2010

Silhouette Earns Top Honors

The Silhouette Cake machine has earned top honors for electronic cutters used in cake decorating. The machine was awarded a first place ribbon, trophy and gold medal. In a competition with the other electronic cutting machine, the Silhouette Cake machine consistently placed first in every category.

Size: The Silhouette is light weight and takes up very little work space, the competitor is big and bulky.

Ease of use: The Silhouette only has 3 buttons, the competitor has several and can be very confusing trying to figure out what each one does.

Cost effective: The Silhouette was the favorite in this category. The only thing required for designs is a computer. The competitor requires costly cartridges with most of the designs not what the cake decorator needed.

Print and Cut feature: The Silhouette was alone in this category. In fact, this is the category that put the Silhouette ahead of the competitor. The print and cut feature allows the decorator to print any design on to gum paste or a frosting sheet and the Silhouette will cut the design outline.

Customer service: The Silhouette service is outstanding, from the the company that sell the Silhouette Cake
to the Silhouette corporate headquarters.

Jessica said "I love my Silhouette. It cuts great and I can make amazing cakes using the print and cut feature."

Jeni said "I love not having to spend all my money on expensive cartridges. I use my Silhouette for cake decorating and scrap booking."

There you have it. An award winning machine with all the features to help you make amazing cakes.

Linda McClure, the inventor of the cricut cake machine and developer of the Silhouette Cake machine said, "I am so happy for the Silhouette Cake machine. This award means so much to me. Our goal is to share this great technique with the cake decorating world. The Silhouette Cake machine will change the way we decorate cakes in the future."

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