Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New videos on YOUTUBE

We finished the new video class package. I decided to put 2 clips from the video on youtube. The first is a demonstration of the print and cut feature of the Silhouette. You can view it here:


I have a clip on youtube showing the print on gum paste method but I thought I would put another demonstration of this technique. This is such a great technique.


The video class package is on sale and if you are interested you can order it from our web site.


I tried to put as much information as I could into this project. The information is as up to date as possible. The book and video files that accompanies this project take you through the designs process. After you learn the basics of design you will be able to create any design you need for your cake projects. This is great news for everyone who uses an electronic cutter, but especially for cricut owners. You do not need to invest in expensive cartridges, but you can now create your own designs.

I decorate a basic cake with several of the designs I showed you how to create in the video files. I then decorate a 5 tier wedding cake showing several techniques that you will be able incorporate in your own cake decorating. I include a CD that has over 200 designs in a jpeg format and also ready to cut in the Make the Cut format.

As much as I enjoyed all the traveling and meeting so many people, it is not possible to continue teaching classes. My goal is to share this great method with as many of you as possible and the best way for me to do this is through the video class. Thank you for the great support and encouragement.

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