Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Great Deal on Cake Decorating Package

If you would like to get started with my great cake decorating method, I have a deal for you! I am sellling the equiptment from my classes at a bargain price. I have this great cake decorating package listed on ebay.

This package includes ALL of my DVDs, a Cricut Create and computer. The class set which includes cutting mats and Tylose powder. The starting price is $250 and the buy it now price is $300. A great deal for the entire package. The computer has the MTC program and a picture program. This Cricut will work with the MTC program. I have several sets, so contact me at if you would like to purchase this package.

This Deer Cake was made using icing sheets from PhotoFrost. They have a new chocolate icing sheet that is very nice to work with.

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  1. hi , is there anyway to purchase the printed icing sheets for the tree branches of the deer cake ?