Monday, April 16, 2012

Creating Circular Frames

Add a special touch to the photos you apply to your cakes in just a few steps. Using Make the Cut and the Silhouette Studio program you can take any shape and convert it to a circular frame for your picture. The Silhouette Studio program comes with your Silhouette Cameo. You can purchase the Make the Cut program from our web site at

The basic design will be created using Make the Cut and then transformed into a print and cut in the Silhouette program.
Open Make the Cut and select your design. This tutorial will use a heart shape from the Basic Shapes option. Double click on the design you want to use.

Click on EDIT and then DUPLICATE.

For this project you need to select 1 ROW. The number in the COLUMNS is the number of  designs you want. You may have to try several different  numbers to get the look you desire. I chose 15. The SPACING depends on the desired final look. I have no spacing, that is the space is blank. If I had wanted the designs to over lap, I would have chosen -.02 as my SPACING. When the final number of repeats and spacing look right click on APPLY.

Click on EDIT, and then click on Shape Magic. When the new window opens click on BEZIER WARP.

You will see that your row of shapes is now a circle. Notice that the circle does not close at the bottom. You need to make some adjustments to the setting in this window.

Under SIZE and POSITION, move the slider to change the left and right values to 0. This will close the circle. Click APPLY.

Your design is now ready to convert to a png or jpeg file to use in the Silhouette Studio program.

GO to VIEW and click on MAIN BAR.

Click on your mat color choices and click on CONTRAST.

Your image will become black. With the image selected (click on the image and a box appears around the design) right click on the image. In the first window select EXPORT and in the second window select  SEL. TO RASTER FILE.

In the EXPORT RASTER IMAGE window you have the option to save the design in a jpg or png format. I usually choose to save my designs as png files. After you have selected the format you want to save the design in click on SAVE TO FILE. Save your design in a designated folder.

Open your Silhouette Studio Program. I will be printing my design on the letter size icing sheet. The mat will be 12 x 12 and choose letter for the paper size. I will be showing the design as a print and cut so I will need to add the registration marks. You can make slight adjustments with the registration marks. I increased the width of my print and cut area by lowering the right and left margins.

Open your design and make it the size you will be needing. Position the design to fit between the registration marks.

You design is a g png image. It needs to be converted to an image that can be recognized in Silhouette Studio. Click on the TRACE window, select your image (be sure HIGH PASS FILTER is not selected), and click on TRACE.

Move the top image (the traced png image), to the side and delete it. The outlined image is the image you will be working with. Click on the FILL COLOR WINDOW to add any color to your design. Use the ADVANCED OPTIONS to customize your color.

You can also choose a design from the FILL PATTERN WINDOW. The main design must be selected before it can be changed. Click on any pattern. The chosen patter can be further modified in the ADVANCED OPTIONS.

Now, import the picture you want to use. You picture will open up as a picture file, jpg, png or other picture file. It is only meant to be printed and has no effect on the frame design.

Select the picture (click on the picture so the outline box is around it) and go to EDIT and click on COPY.

Open up the page with the frame on it. Go to EDIT and click on PASTE. Your picture is now on the same page as the frame.

Right click on the picture. Click on the option to SEND to BACK or SENDBACKWARD. You want to have the picture go behind the frame.

Drag you picture into the frame. Position it to fit where you want it to be. Use the sizing arrows on the picture to make it smaller or larger. Don't worry about the parts of the picture that go past the frame. Right now you want to have your image positioned exactly where you want it in the frame. Make sure you fill the entire frame with your picture.

Find the solid color or design that looks the best with your picture. When you are happy with your choice, send the image to the printer and print this on an icing sheet.

Click on the picture inside the frame. Drag it to the side, away from the area that the frame is in. Be very careful to not move the frame from the position it is in.

Open the TRACE window and trace the frame. Be sure HIGH PASS FILTER is not selected. Click on TRACE OUTER EDGE.

Click on the original frame and move it to the side. You can delete this image because it is no longer needed.

This is the outline that is sent to the Silhouette to be cut out.

Our final picture in a custom frame. You can add writing to your picture to personalize it for the occasion.

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  1. What are the settings for cutting the icing sheet with silhouette cameo?